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AMA Help (11th Edition)

Running head / Running foot

  • The running head is a shortened version the paper's full title
  • Contains 50 characters max (including spaces, letters, punctuation)
  • When this information appears at the top of the page, it is called a running head; when it appears at the bottom of the page, it is called a running foot
  • Flush left
  • UPPERCASE letters
  • Example: Running head: ABBREVIATED TITLE
  • Typically added during editing/production process
  • Authors are not usually required to submit such information (pg. 19), please consult professor regarding running head formatting

Title Page

AMA does not give specific formatting instructions for a title page, but it should include the following:

  • Title
  • Authors name
  • Degrees (above bachelors)
  • Email addresses 
  • Institutional affiliation 
  • Word count (text only, excluding title, abstract, references, tables, and figures)



 Title of Paper: Upper and Lowercase Lettering

First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name

Email address

School Affiliation

Word Count







TITLE OF PAPER                                                                                                                                                                                                    


[Context] Begin the abstract with a sentence or two explaining the clinical importance of the study question.  [Objective] State the precise objective of the report.  [Design] Describe basic design of the study.  [Setting] Describe the study setting to assist readers to determine applicability of report to other circumstances.  [Participants] Provide number of participants and how they were selected.  [Interventions] Describe essential features of any interventions.  [Main Outcome Measure(s)] Indicate primary study outcome measurements.  [Results] Provide and quantify the main outcomes of the study.  [Conclusions] Provide only conclusions of the study directly supported by the results. 

Keywords: keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3




Structured Abstracts

  • Used for reports of original data, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and clinical reviews
  • Includes no more than 350 words
  • Contains the headings: Context, Objective, Design, Setting, Participants, Interventions, Main Outcome Measure(s), Results, Conclusions (pg.21)

Unstructured Abstracts

  • Used for any other major manuscript
  • No more than 200 words
  • Paragraph with no headings
  • Summarizes the objective, main points, and conclusions of article

Keywords: Some medical journals publish a short list (3-10 terms) of keywords at the end of the abstract.  The author provides these terms because they represent key topics presented in the article.

  • Added at the end of the abstract
  • Terms the author believes represent the key topics presented in the article (pg. 24)

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