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NCLEX : Health Promotion and Maintenance

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The NCSBN Website NCLEX-RN Test Plan defines Health Promotion and Maintenance as:

"The nurse provides and directs nursing care of the client that incorporates the knowledge of expected growth   and development principles, prevention and/or early detection of health problems, and strategies to achieve optimal health"(NCSBN, 2019, p.17).

According to the NCSBN website the following are topics included in the section of this exam (NCSBN, 2019, p.17-20):

  • Related content includes, but is not limited to:
    • Aging Process 
    • High Risk Behaviors 
    • Ante/Intra/Postpartum and Newborn Care 
    • Lifestyle Choices 
    • Developmental Stages and Transitions 
    • Self-Care 
    • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention 
    • Techniques of Physical Assessment 
    • Health Screening

Supplemental Review Materials

In addition to your required TEXTBOOKS and NCLEX Review books, please see these helpful resources below to help you review for this section. In addition please see our Library Catalog for a full list of books available to you at your campus library.