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Physician Assistant

Welcome to the LibGuide for the Physician Assistant (PA) Program. This guide has been designed to provide information and resources that will help you, the student, during the program.

Searching for Journal Articles - Where and How

WCU subscribes to many journals in electronic format.  Online full-text (the entire text of an article) is not always available through WCU Library. In some cases, newer articles (published within the last 6 months) are in an embargo period, making them unavailable.  However, there are options to interlibrary loan articles.   Please contact a Librarian if you need assistance.

Do you need to find the full text of academic peer-reviewed journals articles? Whether you need one article for discussion or several for a research paper, you won't find them all in one place. Consider where you are searching (the type of articles that are in the collection or database), and how you are able to search (the time-saving features of the database that reduce the number of articles you have to look through and bring the articles you want to the top of the list.)

For a complete list of all databases see:

     Center for Graduate Studies A-Z Database List

Recommended Physician Assistant Journals

Below are some Physician Assistant related publications widely used in the field.  Some journals may require a password (please contact Librarian for this information)  Some journals may also be campus site accessible only.  Please feel free to contact the library if you have difficulty accessing.

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