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Dental Hygiene (BSDH): Medically Compromised Patients

Americans with Disabilities Act

Patients may have disabilities or diseases that require special consideration when providing care to them. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) outlines what legal considerations are required to be met when providing care to this population. The link below guides you to the federal government information regarding the ADA; however, all patients should be treated with respect and will receive better care when their healthcare providers meet their individual needs based upon their disabilities or diseases.

Library Resources for Providing Care to Disabled or Special Needs Patients

To help understand the special needs of these medically compromised patients and plan for their care, the Library staff members have selected some resources to support your care:

Links to Patient Education Resources in the Databases

A significant part of any healthcare professional's job is communicating with patients. However, there are numerous issues that can inhibit that communication: language barrier, education gaps, cultural differences, etc. The Library database Lexi-comp has excellent patient education resources. Also, a selected list of Library resources for improving communication with patients is featured below, including Dental Hygiene Storybooks which are great tools for communicating dental hygiene care to children.

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