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Writing Guides: FAQ Videos

FAQ #1: What is a thesis statement, and how do I write one?

FAQ #2: What is the best way to conduct research for my paper?

FAQ #3: How can I avoid plagiarism in my research papers?

FAQ #4: What is the difference between primary and secondary sources?

FAQ #5: What is the structure of a research paper?

FAQ #6: How do I revise and edit my paper?

FAQ #7: What are peer-reviewed sources?

FAQ #8: What is WCU's policy regarding the use of AI?

FAQ #9 - How do I choose a good topic?

FAQ #10: How is a research paper different from an essay? 

FAQ #11: What should I do if I'm experiencing writer's block?

FAQ #12: How do I manage my time when writing a paper?

FAQ #13: What are common mistakes made while creating PowerPoint presentations?

FAQ #14: What should I do if I receive a low grade on a writing assignment?

FAQ #15 - How can I apply my academic writing skills to the workplace?

FAQ #16: What is critical analysis and what are the pitfalls of AI reliance?

FAQ #17: What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research?

FAQ #18: What are annotated bibliographies and literature reviews?

FAQ #19: What is reading analysis, and how can I improve my reading skills?

FAQ #20: How to I incorporate quotes and evidence into my writing?

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