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MyLab Guidance

Students enrolled in a ground-based course that requires MyLab & Mastering can purchase the access code via the University Virtual Bookstore, These courses may include ANAT 260, CHEM 280, MATH 108, MATH 211 and MICR 290.  This list may change at anytime, so be sure to check the requirements on your course syllabus.

For an easy and streamlined process, students should register for an account on the Pearson website before accessing Pearson MyLab & Mastering through Canvas.

1. Purchase an access code. You can purchase access codes through the WCU Virtual Bookstore.

a. If you are having trouble finding your access code, visit this page for further instructions,

2. Go to the Pearson website:

3. Select the Study and Teach drop down option.






4. Under Enter an Access Code select MyLab.









5. Use the button or link to Register as a Student.





6. After purchasing the access code, log in to your course in Canvas.






7. Select MyLab and Mastering on left navigation menu and use the button to Open MyLab & Mastering.












8. Select the Access Code button. 






















9.  Enter your purchase access code and click Finish.

You're all set!


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