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Nursing (BSN)


Welcome to the Nursing (BSN) Research Guide! This Research Guide was created by West Coast University Library staff members to be a resource for students, faculty, and staff seeking more information about the West Coast University Library's resources for Nursing. There are also Research Guides for other aspects of the BSN program, such as our Research Basics and APA Help Guides. If you need further assistance, the Have a Question? box has links to information about how to contact your campus' Library staff members. Information

WCU is proud to offer FREE online tutoring services through for 90 minutes per month.

Click the "" link found in your courses in our learning management system to access and learn more.


1. Use of is limited to WCU students ONLY. Violations of this policy may lead to sanctions up to and including dismissal from the University.

2. Students have a total duration of 90 minutes per month. The duration starts from the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. If the month's full 90 minutes are not used, they lose that time (i.e., there is no roll-over); and it resets for 90 minutes for the next month.

3. A minimum of 50 minutes is required to use the Drop-Off Essay Review. For Resume and Cover Letter Drop-off Review, a minimum of 35 minutes is required. 

  • You may need to sign in with your WCU email address and password to view this video
  • This video will go step-by-step on how to access through Canvas
  • Go to 3:47 for specific information on Drop-Off Essay Review

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