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APA Help (7th Edition)

Title Page





 Title of Paper: Upper and Lowercase Lettering


First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name

School Affiliation

Class Information

Instructor's Name

Due Date






  • In APA, 7th edition formatting, a running header is not required for student papers.  Speak with your instructor about if a running header should be included in your assignment.
    • The running head is an abbreviated version of the title of the paper, not to exceed 50 characters including spaces, punctuation, and letters.
    • The running head should be in ALL CAPS on the same line of the header as the page number. 
    • The label "Running head" is not needed.
  • The page number in the top right corner
  • The title, name, and institution should be placed above the center of the page
  • Include an extra double-spaced blank line between the bolded title and author information


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