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Pharmacy (PharmD)

Library and web resources to support the PharmD degree program at West Coast University

Suggested Topics for Advocacy Paper and Debates

PHAR 605 - Pharmacy Law and Ethics

[Course description:  The purpose of this course is to gain knowledge of the basic provisions of State and Federal pharmacy laws and regulations pertaining to pharmacy practice, licensure, controlled substances, legal liabilities, laws and regulations of other health care providers, and pharmacy case law. Following completion of the course, the student will be able to apply ethical and legal decision making to the development, promotion, distribution and utilization of medications.]

[Recommended readings from instructor:]

2019 California Pharmacy Law © 2019 (a California State Board of Pharmacy Publication) – CD ROM or text available for purchase online at, or download PDF version for free at; (2019 California Lawbook will be available for students on Canvas). 

Weissman, Fred, A Guide to California Community Practice Law , 9th Edition (March 2017) (two volume set). A supplemental update  comes with purchase. 

The Script, A publication of the California Board of Pharmacy, for which current and past issues are available to download for free at (From time to time, course assignments on California law which rely on The Script may be posted to Canvas.) 

To get you started on an assigned debate topic, or to help in choosing your own topic, these are some of the print books at the CGS campus library, and ebooks that are available to all WCU students.

Also, the Opposing Viewpoints database has collections of 3-5 page essays from contrasting positions on dozens of topics.

See the Medical Ethics Research Guide for more ebooks and article databases.

Abortion / Contraceptives


Assisted Suicide

Drug Legalization

Gender in Health Care

Human Experimentation



Stem Cells / Cloning


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